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This event has now ended:

SAI 2018 Region 25 Competition is over! PLEASE READ DETAILS BELOW!

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SAI 2018 Region 25 Competition is over! PLEASE READ DETAILS BELOW!

THANK YOU For another successful year at the Robinson Center in Little Rock!
ALL VIDEOS have now been trimmed, labeled, and checked for quality. They are awesome!


CINEMA MODE IS AWESOME! You can click on the little computer screen located on the right side of your screen. It will say CINEMA MODE. It makes everything BIGGER!

1. PLEASE try use a newer computer. WIRED cat 5 connection works best. Wifi is fine, but be close to your router. It matters, really it does. A router with at LEAST AC800 speed or better is recommended at the minimum. AC1200 to AC3000 will give you the best results. The closer you are the better! 

***DO NOT USE A SMART TV OR OTHER SMART DEVICE. We had some complaints on those!!

For the absolute best sound, a GREAT pair of amplified speakers works well. Make sure your volume is all the way UP, on the slider located down in the lower right corner of your computer taskbar that looks like a speaker. Then, use the actual SPEAKER volume knob to control the volume as you listen. If you do this, you will LOVE THE SOUND.A note about the audio: STRICT contest rules do not allow us to adjust the volume for each compeititor. That's the point! Loud is good, and rules say we may not adjust the volume. However, in order to prevent "clipping" of audio on the loudest competitors, we set the volume for them, and the smaller, quieter competitors are not allowed to be adjusted. This is a competition, and as MUCH as we'd love to boost the quiet ones, we cannot. That's wny it's normal for you to have to use your volume knob to adjust the sound to your liking for each competitor. We're sorry, but we are under strict rules to operate this way! So a set of speakers with a front volume knob works awesome! Get a good set, with a subwoofer too. You will be surprised how  GOOD these videos sound IF you have a good set of speakers! Trust me, they sound amazing! But in general, that's why the sound goes up and down during the show- it's part of the competition!

2. PLEASE make sure you have a GREAT internet connection! We do not recommend any connections that are slower than 10Mbps in order to achieve good results. Most Cable connections are well above twice this number. Make sure you are not UPDATING your machine. Windows loves to UPDATE as soon as you turn your computer on, and that will absolutely kill a good broadcast. Turn updating OFF, or simply leave your computer on the night before the competition. What you think is a slow stream may actually be your computer updating- I've even had DROPBox and other programs hurt the speed too. Just check to make sure you're only using the PPV window! IE or Chrome works best. Firefox is good too. Just turn off updating!

3. Remember- yes, we ARE here monitoring the stream all the time, and unless you receive an email from us, the stream is for SURE going out to the world correctly...we are actually watching the very same paid version on a laptop computer here, just like you are at home. IF there is an issue on our end, unless we send out an email warning to you, then there is no issue here. Try refreshing your machine- try moving closer to the router, try plugging a cat5 cable straight in to the PC, and finally, switch computers. Sometimes, older machines just WILL NOT WORK well. Changing machines usually does it.


GET a GREAT set of POWERED PC SPEAKERS with a volume knob on front. Turn your computer audio all the way up in the task bar at the lower right corner. Then, use the volume knob on the speakers to adjust the show volume. YOU WILL LOVE IT, I promise!!

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  • use hashtag: #SAI25
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